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Amazing choice of music.The animation conveys the song's meaning very well.My only criticism is that maybe you should add a few frames in between some parts to make it look smoother.Also, the boy's nose is extremely big.

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LevPo responds:

Thank you! He IS a big nosed boy.. nothing can be done and the parents aren't too pleased either. :(

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This game tells an amazing story about the way people work, and the music is amazing and perfectly aligned with the gameplay and story, and it even gives a reason why the game can be played more than once! (the ending) ((bonus points for that)) The puzzles were well designed as well.


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Amazing game. You should've Steam Greenlighted this. Very meaningful and a thought-provoking ending. ( I got both good and bad endings, both intrigued me) And they tell a story that amazes me. The description says this is not an art game, but in my opinion, it is. It tells an amazing story, good level design, and good graphics. I actually think this had bigger game potential than Meat Boy, but that game was amazing as well.

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Oh my god. This. Is. Amazing!! 1 entire hour of content, into a flash file! This is the funnest game on Newgrounds!

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Really great cover.One critisism is that the guitar at 1:38 sounds really retro.I don't know if you did that on purpose or not.Secondly, maybe the orchestral sounds in the background should be emphasized to give it more effect.

Treviabot92-Virstein responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you very much for the criticism.

I did actually intend that for the guitar. If I go full death metal guitar, it often doesn't sound very good to me, and so I generally avoid it unless the mood calls for it. I could perhaps upload an edit at some point to give the orchestral some more pop, but ultimately I wanted it to be slightly subdued compared to the other instruments.

Thanks for the review!

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